About Bladerunner Tool & Hardware

Providing quality woodworking and metal working products to hobbyist and professionals since 2001.

B&S Enterprises, LLC was formed in 2000 and opened Bladerunner Tool & Hardwood in 2001.  The original store was opened in Montgomery, AL and primarily stocked  woodworking equipment, woodworking accessories, and retail hardwood.  Within two years, Bladerunner Tool added an extensive line of cabinet hardware that included drawer slides, concealed cabinet door hinges, and other cabinet accessories.

In 2004, Bladerunner purchased property in Wetumpka, AL and began operations as Bladerunner Tool & Hardware at that location.  Due to space limitations, another property was purchased and the current building it is utilizing was constructed in 2014.  This location offers a much larger showroom and storage space. 

We know that many customers prefer to see, touch and ask questions about a product before purchasing.  Bladerunner Tool & Hardware strives to stock and display a large selection of items for this particular reason.  Many of the items we offer are not displayed, stocked or sold anywhere else in the region. 


Since Bladerunner Tool's opening in 2001 we have striven to provide high quality products and services at reasonable costs.  In many cases we actually beat the large internet companies that offer no service.

Bladerunner Tool & Hardware

Quality Woodworking, Metal Working Machinery & Accessories

Products & Services


Our goal is to provide high quality and dependable products to our customers at reasonable prices.  Many of the products offered are durable goods and they are expected to be reliable and last for years.  We continuously monitor the various manufacturers to assure that we are offering the highest quality products possible.  Occasionally, Bladerunner will add or remove a product line depending of the manufacturer's dependability.



Eventually, with any mechanical devices, issues will arise.  These come in many different forms from mechanical failure to the oh-no I shouldn't have done that.  We are here to help.  This can be from providing parts to performing the repair.  In some cases on site repairs and services are provided. 


Blade Services

All cutting tools dull with use.  Bladerunner Tool can bring many of these cutting tools back to prime working conditions.  Currently we offer circular saw blade (carbide tipped) sharpening up to 20-inch diameter, router bit sharpening, shaper cutter sharpening and planer and jointer knife sharpening.